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You’re not going to believe who likes the AquaNaut most of all!

Hey, I’m an old guy and just a regular's dude. But my AquaNaut is a real chick magnet.

Really, it is!!

I’ve been on the water for some years now with the AquaNaut and here’s what I see… Everyone looks at me because of its interesting design (or maybe it's beautiful colors??).

Anyway, here’s how it goes when I pull up to the dock.

Guys generally keep their distance but are checking me out pretty closely. It’s as if they’re interested but mostly rather not talk to me.

Women, on the other hand, come up to me and ask about the boat – Where did I get it? Is it dry? Is it really so stable as it looks?  And then they chat it up with small talk and just tell me how much they like the boat.

The very first person who saw the boat in public was a woman in her 70’s – she fell in love with it and wanted to buy right then and there! And that was only the prototype – not for sale, sorry!

Over the years, I’ve tried to figure out why the women like it so much and why the men are so reserved about it. And here’s my conclusion:

Women like the boat because it looks comfortable. They like the upright seating position, how stable it is and that the passengers stay DRY.

What about the men? Why are they so reserved?

Well, mostly the men have been the one to decide on and buy their current boat and so they don’t want to find out that maybe they didn’t make the best choice, or that their partner wishes that they could swap their boat for the AquaNaut.

Regardless of what people may think or say, the world is a big place and there is a boat type suitable for everyone. It’s just that until now, nobody has really focused on making the smaller folding boat a comfortable, dry and stable ride.  


At least not until the AquaNaut Folding Boat came to be….

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