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Build your own scale model of the AquaNaut with this 1/12th scale model kit.

Perfect for all ages, but kids under age 10 will need a little assistance. 

Get your own Paper Boat

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$6 each / 3 for $15 (free shipping in USA)


€5 each / 3 for €12 (free shipping in NL; add €4,- for other EU countries)

AquaNaut Paper Boat

The AquaNaut Paper Boat comes with everything you need:

  • 2 supertough folding hulls 

  • 2 heavy-duty crossbeams

  • 4 individual seats 

  • 1 center bench / suntan bed

  • 2 stay-dry floor pieces

You just need to supply the following:

  • cutting board

  • sharp knife

  • scissors

  • tape

  • glue

Instructional Video

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