9 types of fun - something for everyone

A go-anywhere impact-resistant

twin-hulled boat featuring a

center bench / suntan bed

for fun on the water

unlike any other.




that are unique to this boat

SUNTANNING.  Let's face it, most boats under 14' are not comfortable for a nap or catching some rays.  At AquaNaut, we know that it's not always about being active on the water - sometimes you or your crew might want to lay back & catch a few rays (or winks) - and so we've built a suntan bed right into the boat.

ROMANCE.  Sometimes you want to take in a sunset over a glass of wine, or picnic in a quiet cove.  Located in the very center and most stable part of the boat, the center bench is the perfect space to host your party - or snuggle side-by-side with your partner.

EASY PADDLING.  This boat beats the big 3 struggles of paddling:  hard work, keeping it straight, or staying dry.  On this boat, upright seating and V-hull design makes paddling easy, and the 2 hulls work like a rudder to keep it straight.  Paddling is once again easy & fun...!

FERRY TRANSPORT.  Space when you need it - whether it's a bicycle or two, boxes or trash - the boat can do it.  The 1000lb carrying capacity and deep hulls with stay-dry floors means that you can get your stuff from A to B quicker, easier and with much less risk of getting it wet or losing it overboard.

5 types of fun that are better on this boat

5 types of fun that are better on this boat

FISHING.  Unlike any other boat, the AquaNaut offers room for stand-up or sit-down fishing with a buddy.  Each with your own hull You each get your own hull. a  roomy Center Bench / Suntan Bed - perfect for taking a nap or catching a few rays.

HUNTING.  Dual hulls keep things neat and provide lots of storage, whether it's just you and the dog, or other buddies are along for the fun  The solid-bottom floor and wide, 2-hull stability makes stand-up shooting a breeze, 

SNORKELING / SWIMMING.  A wonderful swim/snorkel platform, with plenty of room for changing, drying or jumping off!  A tie-on ladder between the hulls makes for easy in&out, while the stay-dry floor keeps your gear dry.  After a swim, lay out on the suntan bed to warm up!

CRUISING / EXPLORING.  The low draft and dual-hull stability give an expanded cruising range for this boat like no other.  Deep hulls keep little ones inside, and individual seats give room and comfort for all.  And that's before you pimp out your boat with cushioned or swivel seats!

ROWING.  Rowing has never been this good - or this fast!  The twin V-hulls keep a straight track, and with an efficiency paralleled only by a lightweight kayak, canoe or racing scull.  Sit on the center bench, put your feet up on the rear seats and off you go - easier and faster than any other boat in its class!  Zzzooom!!!


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