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How can a Folding Boat have a 15 year No-Leak Guarantee?

People often ask how is it possible that a Folding Boat can have a 15 year guarantee.


After all, folding boats like these are dragged from place to place, across pavement, rocks and gravel. And... they get opened and closed every time they’re used.

So how can the seams on the hull be made to last for 15 years?

That is a very good question. And deserves an answer.  First of all, check this:

No other Folding Boat comes with a 15 year no-leak guarantee.

So what makes it possible for the AquaNaut to have the 15 year guarantee when the others do not?  There are 2 reasons for this.

First – the AquaNaut Folding Boat is made in Germany, with German materials and German workmanship. And that means use of the highest quality materials with the longest life.
That’s the first reason. And that makes sense.

But the second reason is even more important, and makes even more sense why the AquaNaut can come with a 15 year guarantee while others cannot.  

I used to own one of those 10-year Folding Boats, and sure enough it started to leak around the 10 year mark – and the reason it leaked was the same reason why the AquaNaut won’t leak. 

The second reason why the AquaNaut can come with a 15 year guarantee – and this is even more important than the first reason – is that the folding angle on the AquaNaut is only 60 degrees.


The design of the AquaNaut means that the seams ion the hull only need to flex open and closed by 60 degrees. That means less wear & tear, less stress – and it’s actually what also makes the AquaNaut the only Folding Boat that can be built by an 11 year old kid.

Every other Folding Boat on the market today has not just one 60 degree fold per hull, but has multiple folds – typically, 2 folds of 90 degrees, and then one more fold of a whopping 180 degrees.


That means way more wear & tear, way more stress, and even much more hassle to open and assemble the boat. Check this goofy video to see what I mean.

Back to the leaky Folding Boat that I owned before. Why did it leak and why won’t the AquaNaut leak? Materials are important, but folding angles even more so. Try folding a piece of paper open & closed by 60 degrees. No big deal. Even after 100 "folds" you can't really notice anything...

Now try folding a piece of paper like the other folding boats – 2 angles of 90 degrees and one of 180 degrees. After a few folds you can already see the effect, right?

That’s why the AquaNaut comes with a 15 year guarantee

and also why the others don’t!

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